Sunday, March 27, 2016

Tomb Structure Repairs

The purpose of Qing Ming (清明) is not only for the Chinese to pay their respect to their ancestors but also to inspect the conditions of ancestral tomb. The front granite slab is the tomb tablet (碑) which is the most important item of a classical tomb. The round blue object represent the deceased is a male; while the lotus means the owner is a female. If both are present, then this is a joint tomb. 

This is the depending mountain (靠山) while the left side is the 'green dragon' (青龙) and the ride is the 'white tiger (白虎). Cracks on these areas means the descendants would face problems in works, health and monetary issues.

The 'white tiger' has cracks means the ladies have problems. Now it is repaired.

A close up of the repair work.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Rich & Lucky For Whole Life (一生富贵)

This is another person who is lucky and rich for the whole life:

Name: Rich Guy
Gender: Male
DOB: August 30, 1978
Job: Land developer

It is very rare that a person has good fate and luck, and this gentleman is one of the rarest!


This person is rich and lucky because of the 甲庚戊 which means 'heavenly VIP' ( 天上三奇贵人). In addition, all his wealth is concealed and not shown in the 8-characters. However, this person is constantly troubled by business and relationship matters.

Major luck:

He had very rough start before 30 years old. After that, many helping hands from friends and wife come to him. Now, what this person really need is some good assistants to bring his business to next level.

So, compared to the previous developer, this one will give you what your worth is!

A Rich Housing Developer (有钱的承包商)

At times, we don't really need the time element to understand how a person is doing.

Below is the reading of a contractor:

DOB: March 30, 1978
Gender: Male
Job: Housing developer

The bazi:


With the time element missing, let's do an initial interpretation:

This is indeed a rich person with much of money to spend. However, most of the money is not his. This gentleman is an outstanding businessman but he tends to lose much of his money due to lack of good help. As with other establish businessman, he likes young ladies and like to flirt around too...

The major luck 2-60:

This gentleman comes form an well establish business family. He made his fame in his early 20's and he receives many help along the way so he should be doing quite well in future.

The luck in 2016:

He need to watch out in 2016 as he may lose some money.

A question asked if this developer is a good business partner?

Well, this guy is very loose on money matters and likes to flirt; so it is best to have black and white for every business agreement.

Monday, March 14, 2016

The Escaped Bride (出逃的新娘)

This is the 8-character for a bride who has gone 'missing' from her wedding.

Name: Ms No Time
Gender: Female
DOB: December 11, 1983; 0600hrs
Job: Bank office assistant


This is a lady from Tianjin (天津) who did not attend her own wedding for some reasons. I called her 'Ms no time to get married' because she told me that she purposely hid herself so that her fiance couldn't find her and he had to cancel off the wedding. She said she didn't like her life there. 

This is a tough yet beautiful lady with fairly good family background. However she is not contented with what she already has and always longed for more things that she cannot get. Perhaps appearance can be deceiving... this quite looking lady likes to enjoy herself and indeed, getting married was and still is the last thing in her mind.

So men, be careful when you choose your bride. Make sure that she is the one who wants to get married! I can't imagine what her previous fiance thinking now...

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Reading For A Crazy Woman (疯女人的八字)

This is the personal particular of a locally said crazy woman:

Name: Crazy woman
Gender: Female
DOB: December 8, 1982; 1235hrs

The 8-Character reading:


To the outside world, this lady appeared to be 'crazy' due to spirit possession. But is she really crazy or even possessed? We can perform some background investigation with astrology:

According to the 8-character, she is neither possessed or crazy. The reason I say so is because her temper is too hot for any weak spirits to possess her; secondly she doesn't appear to be crazy from the 8-characters. 

However, this lady does have emotional problems that need professional attentions. Perhaps she is being 'overprotected' by her father for some reasons. Her reading shows that in normal situation, she would have a good career, social position and some money. Too bad that her first 30 years or so has yielded nothing.

She appears to have some mental blockage and headache issues; further because she has no money at the moment and she cannot leave her father; hence the best way is to 'pretend' to be haunted to attract sympathy. Having said so, this is a strong lady and she will definitely come around in future.

Readings For A Company Director (小公司董事的八字)

Name: Small director
Gender: Male
DOB: September 10, 1972; 0640hrs

Now, you are looking at the reading of a small time engineering company director. This person came out to society pretty early and that he has to struggle all by himself to earn a living. Whatever he earns, he would spend on his family and parents. His fortune comes in 'block' meaning his income is not consistent. However, his business prospect is not so clear, though he is clever; he tends to take and give bribe which may cost him a lot of money in future. He should aware of his enemy from south-eastern direction. This person is likely to get hurt badly when he is old. So may God be with him!

Reading For Ms Teacher (女老师的八字)

Name: Ms Teacher
Gender: Female
DOB: October 27, 1972; 1900-2100hrs

Simple analysis:

This is the reading for a lady teacher. As you can see from the above, a teacher's characteristic is authoritative and scholastic; at times he/she is also a loner.

This particular teacher is a beauty and a hard-working too. She can adopt to many volatile situations. It is easy for her to earn fortune but she would not be able to enjoy it. This lady teacher is best just hold on to her job proper and she should not venture into part-time job. Though her relationship with hubby wasn't too bad; her hubby is a rich one. However, she is prone to injuries and due to her high esteem on herself, she can offend her friends easily.