Friday, March 18, 2016

A Rich Housing Developer (有钱的承包商)

At times, we don't really need the time element to understand how a person is doing.

Below is the reading of a contractor:

DOB: March 30, 1978
Gender: Male
Job: Housing developer

The bazi:


With the time element missing, let's do an initial interpretation:

This is indeed a rich person with much of money to spend. However, most of the money is not his. This gentleman is an outstanding businessman but he tends to lose much of his money due to lack of good help. As with other establish businessman, he likes young ladies and like to flirt around too...

The major luck 2-60:

This gentleman comes form an well establish business family. He made his fame in his early 20's and he receives many help along the way so he should be doing quite well in future.

The luck in 2016:

He need to watch out in 2016 as he may lose some money.

A question asked if this developer is a good business partner?

Well, this guy is very loose on money matters and likes to flirt; so it is best to have black and white for every business agreement.

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