Sunday, March 13, 2016

Miss A Bazi Example (A小姐命例)

Name: Miss A
Gender: Female
Location: China
Job: Social escort

This lady is warm and frank. She is kind hearted but at times, she is also very indecisive. Her love life is always in trouble as she is not so easy to love a person one heartedly. Her grandparents are powerful but lack money.

Miss A is a cunning lady and a picky one too. She is always short of money. Miss A is best to stay with government service. However she is not as tough as her father hence she cannot takeover her father’s business. Although she and her husband can be intolerant at times, the couple can still support each other.

She like to show off and she always having good luck. Miss A can be very popular amongst the VIPs but she would have no executive power. Though she has fortune, but her fortune cannot last; and she loses her money fast.


  1. How much do you charge per reading mr liew?

  2. How much do you charge per reading mr liew?

    1. Basically it is MYR30 for Malaysians and USD10 for others. But for a donation, I can give you a reading of one particular item you wish to know.