Sunday, March 13, 2016

Reading For A Crazy Woman (疯女人的八字)

This is the personal particular of a locally said crazy woman:

Name: Crazy woman
Gender: Female
DOB: December 8, 1982; 1235hrs

The 8-Character reading:


To the outside world, this lady appeared to be 'crazy' due to spirit possession. But is she really crazy or even possessed? We can perform some background investigation with astrology:

According to the 8-character, she is neither possessed or crazy. The reason I say so is because her temper is too hot for any weak spirits to possess her; secondly she doesn't appear to be crazy from the 8-characters. 

However, this lady does have emotional problems that need professional attentions. Perhaps she is being 'overprotected' by her father for some reasons. Her reading shows that in normal situation, she would have a good career, social position and some money. Too bad that her first 30 years or so has yielded nothing.

She appears to have some mental blockage and headache issues; further because she has no money at the moment and she cannot leave her father; hence the best way is to 'pretend' to be haunted to attract sympathy. Having said so, this is a strong lady and she will definitely come around in future.

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