Sunday, March 13, 2016

Reading For David (空中少爷的八字)

Name: David
Gender: Male
DOB: April 17, 1976, 1620hrs
Job: air pilot

This is the reading for David, who earns a lot of money in Singapore. Two consecutive session of emptiness at the beginning shows perhaps his job is related to 'air'.

Mr. David is best to work with others as they are his source of money. He is not a good socializer and he does not have good public relations. David is a late starter, he only gain fortune after 30 years old. If he can stay beyond 50, then he shall have a lot of money!

Incidentally, you are looking at a very intelligent person as he can learn by his own and becomes an expert in his own way! Having said so, much of his effort shall not be fruitful and he can remain to be an expert and not a millionaire. 

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