Sunday, March 13, 2016

Reading For Lily C (女秘书的八字)

Name: Lily C
Genger: Female
Job: Secretary

Simple Analysis (簡批)


You had quite a difficult at the beginning of the career before 30 years old. 100% of your efforts only transpire to 50% of your return. You would have better career development after 41 years; utilizing your own talents then you will excel in your business probably in property or metal related fields. The trend of your career life is in reverse of the common majority: when people call it a day, your work only begins. You are lacking friends to help you.


You never lack the opportunity to earn more fortune, but fortune come and goes. Your fortune will become more stable after 41 years and thereafter when you have found your career path.

Your love life is a turbulent one. You have few opportunities in life to tie your knot. First is with a person elder than you, then another person at par with your age. Whatever option you take, if you would like to maintain the relationship; you will either concentrate on your job, or to lessen the meeting time with your spouse.

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