Friday, March 18, 2016

Rich & Lucky For Whole Life (一生富贵)

This is another person who is lucky and rich for the whole life:

Name: Rich Guy
Gender: Male
DOB: August 30, 1978
Job: Land developer

It is very rare that a person has good fate and luck, and this gentleman is one of the rarest!


This person is rich and lucky because of the 甲庚戊 which means 'heavenly VIP' ( 天上三奇贵人). In addition, all his wealth is concealed and not shown in the 8-characters. However, this person is constantly troubled by business and relationship matters.

Major luck:

He had very rough start before 30 years old. After that, many helping hands from friends and wife come to him. Now, what this person really need is some good assistants to bring his business to next level.

So, compared to the previous developer, this one will give you what your worth is!

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