Sunday, March 27, 2016

Tomb Structure Repairs

The purpose of Qing Ming (清明) is not only for the Chinese to pay their respect to their ancestors but also to inspect the conditions of ancestral tomb. The front granite slab is the tomb tablet (碑) which is the most important item of a classical tomb. The round blue object represent the deceased is a male; while the lotus means the owner is a female. If both are present, then this is a joint tomb. 

This is the depending mountain (靠山) while the left side is the 'green dragon' (青龙) and the ride is the 'white tiger (白虎). Cracks on these areas means the descendants would face problems in works, health and monetary issues.

The 'white tiger' has cracks means the ladies have problems. Now it is repaired.

A close up of the repair work.

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